Aliexpress Zimbabwe Review

This blog post is to help you be a smarter shopper when you shop at Whether it’s your first time purchasing at AliExpress or looking for a more detailed, up-close reviews about the products, I am here to help! Email for any questions.

Is AliExpress Reliable? aliexpress-livraison offers customers millions of products which cannot be found anywhere else. These products fall into 40 categories, which are very easy to navigate. Customers are able to quickly and easily find whatever they are looking for on The website provides customers with the best values online, with thousands of sellers offering unbeatable prices. From my experiences, being from a developing nation Zimbabwe, I discovered that offers free shipping on almost all of their products. They ship to over 200 countries and regions with express delivery options available for example you can choose to use DHL for shipping if want. they can deliver the product at your door step.

The best thing about is their Buyer Protection Guarantee. They want customers to shop with confidence, which is why they provide a guarantee that customers will receive their items on time and as described. Everyone who shops on receives the following guarantees: a full refund if you don’t receive your order within the delivery tie promised by the seller, a full refund if the item you receive is not as described, or you can keep an item and receive a partial refund if it is not as described. offers 15 extra days to make a refund request after your order has been completed. You can return any product you have bought, even those in perfect condition. If your purchase is found to be counterfeit, you can get up to three times the total amount you paid for it.

Conclusion : Is AliExpress Legit and Safe?

Overall, is a legitimate online shopping outlet for a huge variety of items in many different categories. suppliers ship products to over 200 different countries and regions including Africa, Zimbabwe and some suppliers even provide customers with free shipping. The Buyer Protection Guarantee ensures that customers are fully protected and can enjoy shopping with confidence. The website also offers customers great promotions and cheap products on sale.

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