Traditionally, Zimbabwe followed the philosophy of hunhu/ubuntu. Much of the history and philosophy was unwritten, but very much preserved in the realm of orature and practice from generation to generation. To date, it still remains part of the traditional body of our indigenous African philosophy. Great Zimbabwe's great enclosure, the city was the capital of… Continue reading Hunhu/Ubuntu.

Do you take any action to be more friendly to our environment? Yes, you!

Right from the time I became actively involved in beekeeping, I became aware that our environment somehow needed protection for our sakes and animals around us. You don’t need to be a scientist to notice that there are finite resources on planet Earth and those resources are not equally distributed around the world. If you… Continue reading Do you take any action to be more friendly to our environment? Yes, you!

What I think about the future of online education

Online learning is the future of education–at all levels, but especially in higher education. Project-based learning, once only a valid teaching strategy in a vocational classroom or hands-on setting, is now becoming a reality in online learning. The COVID-19 has resulted in schools and borders shut all across the world. Many students could not attend… Continue reading What I think about the future of online education

How the achievement of science and technology in China affects my daily life? A Review by a Zimbabwean.

Europe and the United States have traditionally led in scientific development, but China has emerged as a new science and technology powerhouse. China’s rise in science and technology is not an accident. China is building up its global competitiveness in knowledge-intensive sectors and its ambition to be a global leader in science and innovation by… Continue reading How the achievement of science and technology in China affects my daily life? A Review by a Zimbabwean.

Does China’s economic development affect my country Zimbabwe?

There are many things that bind Zimbabwe and China, but chief among them is the two countries’ ideological principles and orientation. China–Zimbabwe relations date back to January 1979, during the Zimbabwe’s liberation war. China was thus one of the main supporters of Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence, chipping in with arms and technical expertise as well… Continue reading Does China’s economic development affect my country Zimbabwe?

“Lonely Hearts”​ The Story of the Unwanted Bachelors

Many African singletons struggle to find love, but for many men in China the task seems insurmountable, due to a severe shortage of women. The one child policy, though I believe necessary, has had some very harsh knock-on effects. Put briefly, the one-child policy and China's traditional preference for sons has led millions of couples… Continue reading “Lonely Hearts”​ The Story of the Unwanted Bachelors

Will China’s population situation affect China’s future?

For years China implemented a series of policies intended to slow the growth of its population, including limiting the number of children couples could have to one. This enabled China to stabilize its total population successfully. However, it seems that China delayed relaxation of the One Child Policy. China ended its one-child policy only in… Continue reading Will China’s population situation affect China’s future?

New year’s Celebrations in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe we celebrate New Year according to the Georgian calendar. The New Year’s is on the first of January. New year’s celebration customs in Zimbabwe are a blend of European, and American traditions. Celebrations in Zimbabwe are usually a spectacle, with fireworks, celebrations, and countdowns to midnight. A jubilant spirit usually grips the nation… Continue reading New year’s Celebrations in Zimbabwe

“Shanghai Calling” Movie Review

Shanghai Calling is a 2012 romantic-comedy movie about modern day American immigrants from different walks of life, who are residing in Shanghai. Shanghai Calling is a Sino-American co-production made possible by China Film Group Corporation (China Film Co., Ltd.), Americatown, LLC, and Manifest Films. The film was written and directed by Daniel Hsia and produced… Continue reading “Shanghai Calling” Movie Review